After School Discipline A

Starring: Juno Albright

Juno’s grades are flagging, so she asks her straight A classmate Vanny to tutor her after school, then shows up for their study session forty minutes late! Juno is irresistibly cute, but her lame excuses fall on deaf ears. Vanny turns the inconsiderate girl over his knee and indignantly spanks her pert bottom, not only over her dainty dress but on her sheer pantyhose, her black panties and finally on her bare backside. He spanks her and spanks her, and she, a willful, stubborn girl, takes a very good deal of spanking before she starts whimpering.

Zille across bridgegroom’s lap

Starring: Zille de Feu

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His first marriage over quickly, Duncan chooses as his second wife the equally beautiful (but even more secretly neurotic) Zille. whose antique habits of cooking, cleaning and wearing open bottomed girdles are at first beguiling, but soon begin to him mad. The meticulous, creamy-skinned redhead, with her endless compulsions and whims, soon finds herself across her bridgegroom’s big lap, receiving a series of sound, bare bottom spankings, plus corner time.

From DVD: His Two Disobedient Wives

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Spankings For Two

Stars: Amber Michaels, Trick Dixxon


Spanking For Two give you three great scenarios, the office, the living room and the kitchen. Watch these guys smack that sweet ass. These women have done them wrong and now they have to pay for it. Enjoy these bright red booties get it with the belt & the ruler. All your favorite classic spanking, in one convenient place.

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Paddled & Possessed

Stars: Carolyn Reese, Tom Byron


Tom Byron plays a life coach who remonstrates with his client, Carolyn Reese, for doing herself out of a promotion, as well as getting fired, by pissing off her boss. Reminding Carolyn that she has signed a contract to submit to correction from her life coach whenever he decides she’s gone off course, Tom insists that she must now go over his knee for a spanking.

Tom tells Carolyn that she must attempt to get her job back by humbling herself to her boss and apologizing for her arrogant behavior. But Carolyn stubbornly vows never to “kiss up” to management. Tom patiently points out the she agreed, in writing, to heed his wise counsel and paid him in advance to enforce the many clauses of their contract, all in the interest of advancing her career. Therefore, he must do his duty as he sees fit and discipline her until she begins to see what is really in her own best interest to do.

A long, sound spanking is then expertly administered, interspersed with a good paddling. In the process, Carolyn not only becomes compliant to her coach’s will, but frankly aroused by his masterful attitude. The heat of the spanking melts the beautiful blonde into a conformable lover, who yields to her disciplinarian’s skillful advances with exquisitely feminine grace and classically submissive allure.

A highly explicit scene of lust follows, including oral sex going both ways and numerous, well exposed positions of penetration, culminating in a dazzling effusion showered over Carolyn’s rosy, upturned bottom.

This is a hardcore love scene, which goes from hugs and kisses to pulsating orgasms, with everything passionate and delightful in between.

Carolyn Reese is a spanking dream girl, shyly charming and tenderly responsive to both discipline and love. Light and lithe, with lusciously womanly curves, perfect legs and a superlatively spankable bottom, Carolyn is a sweet, hot, endearingly submissive fantasy come true.

Tom Byron is a life long spanking enthusiast who is not only a strict and quietly irresistible dominant, but also one of the legendary cocksmen of adult video for the past two decades. Excellently well endowed and still in full command of a virility that has made him one of the world’s most sought after screen Casanovas, Tom delivers a superb performance both as a spanking top and as a lover.

The sex in this film is explicitly erotic but also warmly affectionate, making for a true spanking couples video that has an innocent charm in spite of its X-rated content.

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Strict Nun Spanks Veronica & Jenni

Veronica Ricci is staying at a hotel with her school volleyball team when she brings Jenni Mack back for a drink. Sister Chris finds them and it is strict discipline time for these two young ladies. First Jenni is spanked with hand and paddle, then it is Veronica’s turn to get her bottom turned bright red by this large, angry nun.

Starring: Veronica Ricci, Sister Mary Chris, Jenni Mack

Spanking Sorority Girls